Yoga & Workshops

Yoga classes are run throughout the week in our beautiful studio by qualified yoga instructors. There are classes suitable for all ages, male and female and plenty of spare props and mats should you need to use them. Private sessions can also be arranged on request.

Kanti – Mixed Level 6.15pm-7.45pm, £10 drop in or £34 for 4 weeks

Greg/Poppy – Mixed Level Yoga 7.30 -9.00pm £10 drop in/x10 classes (3 month time limit:) £80/x5 classes (2 month time limit): £45

Poppy – Mixed Level Yoga 10.00 – 11.30am
Samantha – Mixed Level Flow 7.30 – 9.00pm £10 drop in

Samantha – Mixed Level 6.30 – 8.00pm £6 drop in

Greg – Budokon Class 10.30 – 12.00

Kanti – Sound Journeys Evenings – held once a month 6.30 – 8.00pm £15

The Granary will not be able to answer any Yoga enquiries as they just provide the studio space but should you wish to hire the studio space or our other large function room for your events then please contact each teacher individually regarding their classes/events by using the contact details below:

Samantha Turner: 07731816559

Brigitte Rooney:07876 337908

Kanti Freeman: 07837 186370

Greg Downing 07856 423027

Poppy Weston: 07786396361

PLEASE NOTE: It is advisable to contact the teacher, check individual websites/facebook pages before dropping in to a class. Although classes run most weeks and most classes are covered there may be times where classes are cancelled.
To stay updated on classes and events at The Granary Yoga Studio please “like” our dedicated facebook page:

Other Yoga events

An opportunity to experience the magical sound of the Gong & other Sacred Sound instruments in a group setting, commonly referred to as a ‘sound bath’ or ‘gong bath’. Lie down and be bathed in a variety of sound vibrations such as conch shells, bells, bowls, rattles, drums, flute, culminating with the Gong and be taken on an amazing journey deep within and enjoy the profound silence. An awesome way to relax and revitalise!

Dates for 2018:

30th Sept
28th Oct
25th Nov
23rd Dec

Cost – £18.00
Booking required – Call Kanti on 07837 186370

These days are an opportunity to immerse yourself in many aspects of Yoga and include breathwork, postures, sound, & more………
Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of upcoming retreat days.

Day of Yoga
7th April 2019
Come and join us at this lovely venue at this time of changing seasons, for asana, pranayama, restorative yoga, meditation and relaxation, chanting, good food and
conversation, as well as silent time for reflection.
Cost – £60
Price includes a comprehensive vegetarian lunch, refreshments and all tuition.
Telephone Shirley on 01908 218915

Workshop at The Granary 14th October 10-4.30pm
£55 including handbook
This workshop introduces the core principles of mindful practice and aims to
show how they can be integrated into everyday living. It will also be looking at
three specific topics: Stress & Anxiety / Mindful Eating/ Sleeping Well
Meditation practice – There will be a variety of short, generic meditations
throughout the day which can easily be practiced daily and others which will be
specifically related to the above topics.
Noticing the breath within- Learning to notice and use the breath is intrinsic to
becoming more relaxed and to mindful practice generally. These exercises are
used within the meditations and movements and also on their own.
Body scan – A practice which uses the breath to focus the mind on the whole of
the body bit by bit; a form of meditation in itself.
Stretches and postures performed with mindful awareness and a keen attention
to the breath is quite a different experience to general exercise; keeping the
mind in the movements is a skill which can be taken into the everyday.
Theory – Topics will be introduced and there will be plenty of time for discussion
and questions within the practical structure of the day.
Overall Aims:
• To explain how mindful practice can help alleviate some of the
symptoms of anxiety and stress
• To introduce approaches to eating mindfully
• To teach some practical exercises for coping with stressful situations and
improving quality of sleep
• To demonstrate how mindful movement can help with aches and pains
and improve general flexibility
• To provide skills for developing a sense of self-awareness
To book a place for this workshop and if you have any questions or
require further information please contact me:
The Venue: The Granary, Manor Farm, Brogborough, Beds, MK43 0YD